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Self-managing your health is important. To make sure you stay well, for peace of mind, and to reduce unnecessary trips to your doctor.
So far there was no independent, safe and affordable home monitoring solution with a direct link to your physician.
Now there is: Chipmunk.

Your own physician

Home monitoring with Chipmunk means you are connected to your own physician for follow-up and advice based on your home measurements. We ensure a simple and safe way to collect, store and analyze your medical data and help your healthcare provider decide whether or not action is required.
Your advantage: peace of mind and always a direct connection to a healthcare professional. For healthcare professionals it means a reliable and more efficient triage, creating more time for patients that really need it.

Personal care

Chipmunk translates technology into a personal service. Our clever solution only sends an alert to healthcare providers when needed, based on the results of your certified home measurements that are automatically and safely handled by the wireless Chipmunk hub.
We coach our users to stay “in the green” as much as possible. It is better to prevent than to cure, right?


Chipmunk Home

Depending on your condition we provide you with a number of certified, wireless sensors, like a blood pressure monitor, weight scale or glucometer. When you take a measurement, the results are transmitted directly to Chipmunk through a dedicated hub that will be installed in your home. Effortless and flawless.

To benefit from our monitoring service, you don’t need a smartphone or computer. However, if you want to monitor your own results, chat with your Chipmunk coach or receive tailored information like reminders, tips and feedback you do need our app or website. Monitoring and improving your health becomes more of an interactive experience that way.

Together with your doctor

In most cases your physician will refer you to Chipmunk, but you can also register yourself. In any case, we will make sure your Chipmunk devices are delivered and installed at your home. We will coordinate with your physician to make sure he or she receives your data and alerts properly.

Signing up

Chipmunk is not generally available yet, but you can apply for our Ambassador Program. When accepted, you will be enrolled in our monitoring service, providing you are willing to help us in Chipmunk’s final testing phase. In the future we might ask you to test and evaluate additional features and new releases of our platform. If you would like to learn more about this program, please click this link.