No more worries

Chipmunk collects data from vitals the patient takes himself at home. That data is reliable because it only uses certified measuring equipment. Chipmunk is a help that assesses the data according to your criteria and works as a filter between you and your patient. No input errors because the devices send the data wirelessly via the Chipmunk Box, without the need for a computer or smartphone. So no data entry by the patient. The data is secured according to the latest standards and is stored and managed in the medically certified cloud of Chipmunk partner Philips.

Meaning of data

We at Chipmunk believe that simply collecting and passing on medical data does not really help. It leads to data fatigue among healthcare providers and can cause concerns with patients as they are not always able to interpret their data correctly. Although we collect a lot of data, we help the patient and his healthcare provider by giving meaning to the combined data streams. In doing so, Chipmunk differs radically from other available monitoring systems.

Our goal is to help healthcare providers to effectively use large amounts of data for decision making and therapy. We support patients by making the effects of those decisions and therapy visible and comprehensible, leading to dramatically improved adherence.

Controlled chain

Because we want to be able to guarantee our users 100% data quality and safety, Chipmunk has its own controlled infrastructure to collect and manage data.

This does not mean that our platform is closed. Applications that meet our quality standards and specifications can use our structure under certain conditions. We can also link patient data to other information systems, such as those of physicians or hospitals. Patients always have to give explicit permission for this.

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