Chipmunk is new and gets better every day. We have a lot of people working on it, including scientists, doctors, software developers, nurses, hardware specialists and system designers. On top of that, numerous healthcare providers are involved in the further development of Chipmunk. They help us to redefine healthcare delivery so that Chipmunk can save time and cost.

Our rapidly expanding group of patient-members also has a prominent place in our family. Through the Living Labs they not only provide feedback that Chipmunk can use to improve its services; the data they collect from themselves also ensures that Chipmunk continuously improves itself.

Erik Duijsens

Chief Executive Officer

Erik is driven by the development of innovative patient-centric healthcare models. In 2010 he chose North America as his base of operations. There he learned from the inside what innovation in healthcare can mean and is now applying it in Chipmunk.


Paul Perreijn

Chief Technology Officer

Paul is an expert in the field of measurement in healthcare. He masters the entire chain, from hardware design to software development. Because of his background in healthcare, he is able to assess technology like no other and make it applicable to concrete healthcare applications.


Björn Crüts

Chief Scientific Officer

Bjorn is an enterprising and pragmatic scientist. For many years now, he has mainly been working on monitoring and guiding patients through validated measurements and the medical analyses and models that are required for that purpose.

Jamie Le


Jamie is a medical specialist in internal medicine and respirology and an outspoken advocate of network care organized around the patient. He advises on the medical policy of Chipmunk Health and is medically responsible within Chipmunk Health Canada.


Samantha Upshall

Service Delivery Manager

Samantha is a registered practical nurse with extensive hands-on experience in hospital and home care. Being a specialist in process management, Samantha is an important designer of Chipmunk Health’s actual services to patients and their healthcare providers.


Eric Beragg

Chipmunk Systeemarchitect

Eric is responsible for the architecture and back end of the Chipmunk platform. This makes him the link between Chipmunk’s medical staff, management and technical specialists.


Armand Meertens

Privacy & Compliance Officer

Armand guarantees that Chipmunk complies with the strictest European standards in terms of privacy protection, data security and quality management and as such makes an important contribution to Chipmunk’s privacy by design principle.




Philomena Quaedvlieg

Marketing coordinator

With her international marketing & communication knowledge and experience, Philomena and her team, ensure with the right vision and strategy, that Chipmunk Health will be brought to the attention of the target groups. Together we go the extra mile to continue to develop and thereby discover opportunities for the future of Chipmunk Health

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