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To keep a close eye on yourself is vital. Especially if good health is not a given, for example because lung disease, diabetes or cardiovascular concerns are part of your daily routine. You don’t want that to take over your life, but you do want to be able to respond quickly if your body asks you to and be ahead of the curve. Now you can do that, with Chipmunk!

Chipmunk is all about personal attention, based on your medical data that you collect at times that suit you. We manage and analyse this data for you, translate it into understandable and sensible advice and we will even warn your doctor if necessary. All this so you remain in control of your health and your life.

Medical selfie

Ease your mind by taking your vitals more frequently if there is a reason. Make as many medical selfies as you want, knowing that you and your doctor will hear from us when needed. Chipmunk is not about technology, it’s about your life and independence. With Chipmunk, you’re never alone.

Your vitals are always available to your own healthcare provider and – if the data asks for it – he will be alerted. This makes his and your life a lot easier, because you don’t have to go to his office for every little thing, but only when necessary. Are you worried? Then you just measure more often. We’ll keep an eye on you. And if there really is something going on, you and your healthcare provider will hear from us.


We’re not an app, we’re a telehealth provider. To use Chipmunk you don’t need a computer or smartphone. We arrange for your medical data to be collected easily and reliably, and everything is sent automatically and securely. There is basically nothing you can do wrong. We already told you: it’s not about the technology, it’s about you.

Benefits of Chipmunk at a glance:

What's next

Sounds good, but can I already use Chipmunk? Well, Chipmunk is already being used in various projects. Do you also want to participate? Then ask your doctor or health care provider about the options or contact us. We are happy to help you further.

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