Healthcare providers

Time for patients is important. Your surgery hours are full, but not always with patients who need it the most. On the other hand, there are patients who could use a check more often, but do not appear on your radar screen.

Chipmunk abandons the traditional waiting room model, where the patient periodically comes to you for check-ups. With Chipmunk you get more actionable medical data from patients at home without having to see them every time.

Only relevant data

Because the patient can take vitals when it suits him and when he thinks it’s necessary, you have access to more relevant data about your patient. That also means data from times he has specific complaints and not only when he comes to your surgery. This gives you a better understanding of your patient’s condition without always having to actually see him.

The patient’s data flow is always accessible to you. However, Chipmunk can filter the growing flow of patient data according to your criteria so that only relevant data is presented to you. At the same time, Chipmunk ensures that you receive an alert if there is reason for your follow-up. So you don’t have to stay logged in all the time and check it yourself. Chipmunk offers various service levels, but you as a healthcare provider remain always in charge.


Chipmunk works 100% evidence-based, always applying the latest scientific insights. Where medical knowledge doubles every few months, we have scientists working for us to ensure this. And with the patient’s consent, Chipmunk uses his data to improve itself. For example, through pattern recognition and the creation of predictive models. Most inportantly, advanced data management ensures that you only see the data that is relevant to you and requires your action.

Healthcare redesign

Chipmunk is developed with and by doctors, nurses and patients. Unlike most e-health solutions that just generate more data, Chipmunk actually alters and simplifies certain care processes. This is reflected in the high level of patient compliance: more than 95% of patients have been using Chipmunk continuously for more than 18 months! Healthcare providers see that Chipmunk drastically improves self-management with patients, and that explains their excitement. They no longer have to spend their valuable time on unnecessary check-ups and they have more reliable and relevant patient data at their disposal, enabling them to give more targeted advice and treatment. Chipmunk takes a turn to new healthcare delivery.

Benefits of Chipmunk at a glance:

What's next

Sounds good, but can I already use Chipmunk? Well, Chipmunk is already being used in various projects. Do you also want to participate?  We are happy to help you further.

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