We regularly receive various questions. It is good to know that we are always ready to answer these questions. Because some questions come in more often than others, we keep track of the answers we often give at this location.

Is Chipmunk a replacement for a doctor?
Absolutely not! Chipmunk does not replace any doctor or healthcare provider. Chipmunk helps the doctor by evaluating patient data according to the guidelines of the treating doctor. Chipmunk is there to help doctors and other healthcare providers.

Is Chipmunk a health care automation engineer?
No, we do not automate existing processes (which often makes them unnecessarily complex) like most eHealth solutions. Chipmunk helps the patient manage his own health so that the caregiver can spend his time on other useful things.

How can you sent the medical data to Chipmunk?
The measuring equipment automatically establishes a wireless connection with the Chipmunk box that is at the patient’s home. The box then sends the data to the Chipmunk Cloud. The data is protected according to the latest standards and is stored and managed in the medical certified cloud of Chipmunk partner Philips.

Is Chipmunk an app?
No, Chipmunk is not an app that only digitizes existing processes. Chipmunk actually changes healthcare by establishing an intelligent digital connection between patients at home and their caregivers.

Is Chipmunk a “data hunter”?
No, not in the traditional sense of the word. The patient remains the owner of his own (medical)data at all times and determines what is done with it. The caregiver gets access to the data if the patient gives permission. Through advanced data management, the caregiver is only presented what is relevant to him (to be set per patient according to the criteria of the practitioner). Chipmunk does learn from the patient data itself so that Chipmunk can provide more personal advice and make better predictions regarding the health of a patient.

Is Chipmunk a healthcare innovator?
Actually, yes, but the term has so often only been used to digitize or automate a care process that we would rather not be associated with it. We therefore see Chipmunk as a redesigner (or redesigner) of part of the healthcare landscape. We renew healthcare, we do not automate. What you call it is in any case secondary to us.

When will I receive my measuring devices?
As soon as we have finalized your enrolment, we will ship the equipment to you. Typically, the whole onboarding process takes 2 weeks.

Can I install the equipment myself?
Yes, you should be able to do this with the instructions we provide on paper and on video on our website. Should you require assistance, we will be there for you.

When can I start measuring?
As soon as you have connected your Chipmunk router to a power outlet and hooked it up to the internet, you can start the measuring.

How do I know if I’m doing it right?
We will call you within 5 business days after you have received the equipment from us. Then we will check together whether all measurement data is coming in correctly and if everything is clear to you. If you follow the instructions, nothing can really go wrong. And remember: any time we notice data not coming in flawlessly, we will contact you.

How and when can I login to my account to see my vitals?
If everything works properly and all measurement data comes in neatly, we will give you access to your personal Chipmunk page. Typically, this should all be ready and done within 5 business days after delivery of the equipment.

I’m not able to access my personal Chipmunk page, what should I do?
The link dashboard.chipmunkhealth.com takes you to your login page, where you log in with your e-mail address and password.

Have you forgotten your password? Click on “Set/Forgot Password” to create a new one.

Can’t remember which email address you used? Send a message to questions@chipmunkhealth.com. We will contact you to reset your account.

I have some concerns about my readings, what can I do?
If your readings give cause for concern, the Chipmunk nurse will automatically contact you. If you would like to hear if everything is all right nonetheless, you can always send a message to questions@chipmunkhealth.com.

On my personal Chipmunk page, the first measurement is not correct. How is that possible?
The first measurement you see on your personal Chipmunk page is a test value, generated when testing the equipment before it was delivered to you. Don’t worry, this value will not be taken into account when analyzing your measurement data.

One of my measurements is incorrect. Can I delete it?
No. In order to protect the integrity of the data, it is not possible to delete measurements. If the measurement is obviously incorrect, we will notice that anyway and ignore that value.

Someone else used my equipment. What am I supposed to do now?
If someone else has taken measurements with your equipment, please report this to questions@chipmunkhealth.com.

I’m moving. Who do I tell?
Please let us know that you will be moving at customerservice@chipmunkhealth.com. We will ask you for the internet facilities in your new home so that we can check whether everything continues to work ahead of moving day.
You can then also tell us whether or not you will be staying with the same doctor.

Apparently, you can download an app for the activity tracker or other provided medical devices. Should I do that?
No, you certainly shouldn’t. If you do, the activity tracker or medical devices will no longer pass on your data to us, and We will no longer be able to keep track of your activity and vital signs.

How often should I charge the activity tracker?
Not often. On a full battery, the tracker will work for at least 2 weeks.

The batteries of a measuring device are dead. What should I do now?
On our website you will find instruction videos on how to replace the batteries of the various measuring devices. You can watch them via this link: https://www.chipmunkhealth.com/instructionvideos/. You can get new batteries in almost every supermarket, convenience store or drugstore.

I already have monitoring equipment. Why can’t I use it?
Chipmunk’s equipment meets our requirements in terms of accuracy and connectivity with our Virtual Clinic. Moreover, we guarantee that our devices always work properly, and we replace them free of charge if this is not the case. We simply can’t provide our service when you are using your own equipment.

My router doesn’t have a free port available. How should I connect the Chipmunk router now?
In that case, you should use a splitter to create an extra port. Just like you sometimes use an adaptor for an extra power outlet. Please send a message to customerservice@chipmunkhealth.com to let us know that you need a splitter. Please attach a picture of the back of your router (where the other cables are plugged in) and we will send it to you with an instruction on how to install it.

My internet connection is not visible, so neither is my Chipmunk router. Is that bad?
It doesn’t have to be bad. Sometimes we see that in such a case, the signal between the measuring devices and the Chipmunk router gets interrupted. If that is the case, we will notice that and will contact you to solve that problem.

Should all the green lights on the Chipmunk router be on or blink?
No, it depends on the type of connection what lights come on or blink.

None of the green lights of my Chipmunk router came on. What should I do?
Please check if the router is properly connected to a power outlet. Don’t forget to check any extension cords or power bars your Chipmunk router might be connected to. Sometimes those have their own power switch.

How do I know if I connected the Chipmunk router to the internet properly?
You should see the green light on the far-right blink when the internet connection is active.

How do I know if I connected the Chipmunk router to the power outlet properly?
You should see a stable green light above the PWR mark when the Chipmunk router is connected to power.

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