About Chipmunk

Chipmunk is a reliable and affordable home health management solution, with a secure link to your own healthcare providers.

Our approach combines modern technology with personal involvement and attention. That way, we ensure that patients can be looked after at home without unnecessary burdening of their healthcare providers.

Living labs

Everything Chipmunk does is scientifically based, but at the same time we continuously ask our users how we can make their lives better. We don’t think up anything from behind our desks but work in “living labs”: selected groups of patients and healthcare providers in the real world.


We do all this in different countries, because we believe that only learning from differences leads to the very best results. In the Netherlands, for example, we are working with one of the largest care groups on a new way of diabetes management. In Germany, together with doctors and insurers, we are focusing on reducing the risk of recurrent stroke. 


We want to become a leader in the field of full-service telehealth solutions. And we will, because our unique, patient-centered platform enables new, data-driven applications. We will translate them into smart and affordable medical services for patients, their families and their healthcare providers.

Mission & Promises

Our mission: to collect, manage and learn from patient-generated health data so that patients can live better lives with good and affordable healthcare.

Our promise: to give meaning to data that you collect yourself at home with Chipmunk, so that we can provide you with understandable information and practical health services. We help you to manage your own health, so that you can live a better life.

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