“Many innovative telehealth start-ups have excellent ideas but don’t have the resources to develop the secure, privacy-protected data infrastructure needed.
Supporting innovative companies like Chipmunk Health is one of the reasons why we made HealthSuite an open digital platform on which third parties can build their
own applications.“

director Philips HSDP in a press release

“Chipmunk could very well be the most important innovation in primary healthcare. It delivers the perfect solution to maintain high standards of care and at the same time better manage our scarce resources.“

Meditta Primary Healthcare Group (200 GP’s), launching customer

"With Chipmunk I have more control over my own health. The equipment is easy to use, the measurements are very easy, and I get a message from my diabetes nurse when something is wrong with my measured values. It gives a reassured feeling that someone is watching the measured values."

Patient Diabetes

"A strength of Chipmunk is that the patient can monitor at home. The doctor knows that a nurse is watching, and the patients also know that a doctor or nurse is watching. That makes them feel comfortable again. You also notice that it makes the patient more self-confident."

Diabetes Nurse Meditta

"With the help of Chipmunk, I can check and measure everything from home as often as I want. As a result, I don't have to go to the practice assistant 3 times a year and an annual check-up by the doctor is sufficient."

Patient Diabetes