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Your Pocket Doctor

Home monitoring by medical professionals.

Alerts for you and your doctor.

Always connected for questions or concerns.

Validated medical information at your fingertips.

“I feel a lot safer and don’t have to go out to see my doctor that often anymore.”

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Feel safe

Monitoring your health at home while a medical professional keeps a watchful eye, that’s Chipmunk for you.
Whether you’re being treated for a (chronic) condition or just want to make sure you’re in good shape: we’ve got your back, alerting you when something is out of the ordinary.
Better safe than sorry, right?

Chipmunk Tablet


No need for all kinds of different devices and so many apps. Chipmunk is an all-in-one digital platform for self managing your health: certified, reliable and easy. It comes with all the wireless sensors you need and has its own secure mobile data connection that keeps you connected to us, wherever you are. Switch your Chipmunk on, log in and off you go. It’s that easy.

Digital healthcare

Fewer visits to the doctor’s office, because you do most of the work at home with us. That’s how we transform healthcare into your very own digital experience. The same way you do internet banking, online shopping or keep in touch with your friends. Simple, reliable, and affordable. Where and whenever you want.

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It’s just that simple

Chipmunk is very easy to use because we made it for real people and real doctors who work together. No unpractical or artistic innovations here. You will use pretty standard off the shelf tools like a blood pressure monitor or glucometer, but under the hood lies the real innovation. The combined results of your measurements will be analyzed and presented to you in a crystal clear way. We can relay your data to your doctor if necessary and we will send you information from the latest research that we think could benefit you. And all this in plain English.

Your Data, Our care

Your medical data belong to you and we make sure to keep it that way. Rooted in Northern Europe, Chipmunk Health complies with the strictest European regulations on privacy and data protection. But the law aside, we feel very strongly about protecting and safely managing your health records. We would never share them with anyone without your explicit consent and our Service Agreement reflects our stringent privacy and security policy without any small print.

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